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Used Sheds

Americans have so much stuff, they usually can't find a place to put it all. Sure, you have your garage, but what do you do when you fill it up? There's mini storage, but then your stuff is all the way across town, not to mention it costs you $100 a month. For a $100 or less per month, you can get a new utility or garden type shed at Sears, Lowe's or Home Depot, so why would you pay for monthly mini storage?

On the other hand, you don't have to buy a new storage shed on time at Sears or Home Depot if you have a few hundred dollars to spend up front. When I decided that I needed a storage shed to put my overflow junk in, I priced new ones on the big company's websites to see how much they were, but when I was checking,  I came across some ads for used storage and utility sheds, so I priced them out as well.Sears was selling new Arrow Buildings steel sheds starting at $340, with their top of the line storage buildings coming in at around $1,100. Sears also had Suncast portable horizontal and vertical plastic garden sheds and storage units ranging from $120 to $720. But, Sears also had some really cool wooden sheds that I don't think would be portable, since they are built on site and starting at $1,300 and going up to $2,600. and finally, they had some dribs and drabs of other sheds, like the Lifetime's 8ft x 7-1/2ft utility shed with window for $1,200 all the way down to ShelterLogic's 6x10x6'6" shed in a box for only $199. After pricing out the stuff at Sears, I checked my local paper, eBay and Google base to see if I could find a good used shed for cheaper than I could get a new one at Sears. The local paper only had a couple, because I live in a small town where most of the people are farmers or tradesmen and can build a garden, utility, lawn care or potting and hobbie shed in an afternoon. The two that were in the paper were only like $20 bucks each, because they were the old metal type that tend to look like junk in a year, and I didn't really want one like that. (Those are the ones you see flying across the highway when the wind gets above 20mph....)

eBay had some cool sheds for sale, but they only had 20 and none of them were close enough to where I live to make it worth my time. Not to mention that the cool ones, like the Amish sheds and the dutch barn sheds were still over $1,500 each. I finally found an 8x8 wooden barn style shed for $800 delivered on Craigslist. the shed was originally $1,400 new, and I got it for half price, plus $100 for delivery. Now I have a great used shed to store my rolling tool chest in, for half the price of a new one, and I have a place to store my mountain bike, the kids bicycles, all of my garden tools and more for the price of 7 months of mini storage container rental fees.

So, if your interested in a used shed, read the rest of the site for articles on the best kinds of sheds available, before you go looking for one. Thanks, and good shed hunting...

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